Webinar 25/01/2022

Derivatives: What impact on our financial markets?

Africa Capital Markets Forum Live in partnership with PERENITY Software organize the event around Derivatives: What impact on our financial markets?

This edition of the Africa Capital Market Forum Live will open the debate on the introduction of derivatives and their impact on capital markets. The session will provide a better understanding of the issues and how these instruments can help boost the markets.

  • What is the point of introducing derivatives in Africa?
  • What analysis should be made of these products and their impact on the markets?
  • Are capital markets mature enough to accommodate these instruments?
  • What types of products are suitable for African capital markets?
  • What are the priority derivative products to implement on the market?
  • What about the regulations associated with the introduction of derivatives?
  • What lessons can be drawn from previous experiences in other markets?

Date and Time: 25 Jan. 2022 11:00 PM

Registration Link: Click HERE

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