General description of the business

Given the evolution of volumes and the number of transactions, custodians are always looking to reduce manual processing, optimize costs and operational risks, and improve customer service regulatory compliance.

In their goals, custodians tends to improve their information systems in order to make them efficient and guarantee the security of client assets, the quality of the services provided and the flexibility of customization.


natively covers the four basic functionalities of a depositary :


The main job of a depositary is to ensure settlement and delivery operations, securities transactions and the holding of positions for the institutions for which it ensures their assets custody.

Controls and compliance

The depositary has the obligation to certify that the UCITS deposited with it complies with the characteristics that have been filed with the regulatory authorities. These characteristics relate to the nature of the securities, the sector, the investment zone, etc.

Asset Servicing

Today, asset management companies tend to outsource peripheral businesses such as asset management which can be outsourced to custodians. Operations that previously fell under the Middle Office are increasingly outsourced to the “Fund Admin Services” department of the custodians.

Web Portal

Real-time access to portfolios, securities and cash accounts, monitoring of corporate actions, coupons and redemptions, various reporting and real-time market data.

Product summary

MANAR™ Facing the challenges of the depositary/custodian

Intended for Custodians, our solution meets their needs in terms of custody and position-keeping, control & compliance and Asset Servicing.

Manar ™ offers an integrated Front-to-Back, modular, open and scalable solution ensuring broad functional coverage to meet your current and future needs.

Why Manar™?

  • Multi-actor position keeping

  • Portfolios Valuation

  • Clearing and settlement

  • Comprehensive and automatic management of corporate actions

  • Swift Messages

  • CSD interfaces

  • Control of funds and UCITS

  • Compliance, limits and risk management

  • Reconciliations

  • Multi-standard accounting

  • Customer access via the web portal

You want to automate your business management?

Manar™ meets all your needs.