General description of the business

The broker offers its clients guaranteed services to access the markets, while managing regulatory requirements and exposure to various risks in real time.

It must be able to provide its clients with real-time market data and produce transaction notices, account statements and all required reports.

To achieve this, the broker needs advanced and innovative technology that allows it to manage all the complexity of transactions in real time, as well as control the various risks.

Product summary

MANAR™ Facing the challenges of stock exchange brokerage

Intended for stock market brokers, our solution allows you to face real-time, regulatory and risk issues.

Manar ™ offers an integrated Front-to-Back, modular, open and scalable solution ensuring broad functional coverage to meet your current and future needs.

Why Manar™?

  • Secure and ergonomic online stock exchange

  • OMS (Order Management System)

  • EMS (Execution Management System)

  • Real-time market connection

  • Valuation of portfolios

  • Multi-actor position holding

  • Clearing and settlement management

  • Comprehensive and automatic management of corporate actions

  • Swift Messages

  • Custodian interfaces

  • Compliance, limits and risk management

  • Reconciliations

You want to automate your business management?

Manar™ meets all your needs.