An integrated Front to Back solution

Asset managers, alternative investment managers, stock exchange brokers, custodians, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds, etc. You are looking for a solution that combines efficiency and flexibility, covering all of your business needs in order to achieve professional excellence and optimize your operational performance?

Manar ™ offers you a flexible environment, with full front-to-back integration for precise and thoughtful strategies. Modular, open and scalable, its modules can operate in stand-alone mode or in real-time integrated mode.
Manar ™ is particularly known to be highly configurable with enormous flexibility and easily adapting to customer needs.
Our suite has been able to evolve over time through several versions, which has earned its reputation and expertise.


covers the needs of the following business lines:

Asset management
Alternative investments REIT


The large spectrum of its functionalities, the architecture model and the design implemented, they all guarantee: high stability, high autonomy, low response times as well as high performance.


A proven technical and software architecture has earned it the robustness it is recognized for.

Wide instruments coverage:

Equities, Fixed income, FX, and investment funds instruments, both in simple and derivative products …

Completeness / sustainability:

A solution that covers your current and future needs, thus sustaining your investment.

An integrated, modular and scalable solution:

With a very broad functional coverage, Manar ™ meets your business needs through an integrated, modular and scalable software package allowing you to focus on the development of your business.

Great stability and high performance:

A solution which has been able to acquire stability through its different versions giving it an irreproachable performance.

Flexible and highly configurable:

Manar™ adapts easily by offering functionalities and intervention methods that adapts to each different activity by easily being configured to the needs of each client.

You want to automate your business management?

Manar™ meets all your needs.