Alternative investments REIT

General description of the business

Unlike traditional management, alternative management is uncorrelated from the financial markets, including an absolute performance objective and targeting investments that are not dedicated to listed shares or bonds open to the public.

In this case, investors are not dependent on the direction of the market but on the performance of the manager.
Alternative funds invests in :hedge funds, real estate funds (REIT’s), debt or private equity.

Product summary

MANAR™ Facing the challenges of Reit’s Management

Designed for real estate fund managers, our solution provides you with complete coverage of REIT’s management processes. From real estate management and lease contracts to regulatory compliance.

Manar ™ would be an asset to you for better management and perfect control of your real estate investments and thus improve decision-making processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Manar™?

  • Real estate and lease contracts Management

  • Management of authorized financial instruments for REIT’s, other than real estate

  • Administrative management of REIT’s funds in terms of NAV calculation and compliance

  • Accounting management of REIT’s funds in accordance with the REIT’s chart of accounts

  • Regulatory reporting

  • Data analysis and reporting

You want to automate your business management?

Manar™ meets all your needs.