Asset management

General description of the business

The main mission of an asset manager is to optimize investments on behalf of their clients (individuals or institutional investors).

They are always looking for a dynamic functional coverage based on technological innovations in order to react quickly to market demands and develop new products to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

They need to be in control of their investment portfolios and be able to explain their performance and must continue to innovate while managing the downward pressure on margins and commissions.

In asset management, we distinguish:

Collective schemes management

UCITS management companies are entities authorized to manage of collective funds whose units are held by legal entities, individuals or other funds.

Institutionals investments management

Insurances, pension funds, provident institutions.
These organizations manage and invest considerable amounts in funds.

Wealth management

Private banks, Family Offices.
These organizations support their clients in the management of their assets by offering thoughtful and specific investment strategies for each client.

Product summary

MANAR™ Facing the challenges of asset management

Intended for managers of collective schemes, institutions or wealth managers, our solution makes it possible to face the challenges of asset management at the business, innovation and regulatory level.

Manar ™ offers you a modular, open and scalable PMS (Portfolio Management System) solution integrated front-to-back while ensuring broad functional coverage to meet your current and future needs.

Why Manar ™?

  • Wide instruments coverage

  • Real-time connection to markets

  • Real-time valuation

  • Optimized order management

  • Simulation and stress scenarios

  • Decision-making tools

  • Multi-criteria performance analysis

  • Comprehensive risk management

  • Compliance and limits

  • Net asset values

  • Automatic management of corporate actions

  • Multi-standard accounting

You want to automate your business management?

Manar™ meets all your needs.