Webinar 18/11/2021

Capital markets facing evolving regulatory challenges.

Africa Capital Markets Forum Live in partnership with PERENITY Software organize the event around the Capital Markets in the face of the evolving challenges of regulation.

The good performance of capital markets largely depends on the ability of regulatory authorities to play a catalytic role and ensure a favorable environment for financial activities. Whether it concerns the protection of savings invested in financial instruments, the equal treatment of savers, the transparency and integrity of the capital market, the application of legislative and regulatory provisions, control of the activity of the various bodies and persons; the roles of the regulator are multiple and the stakes are enormous. This debate between regulators will help to better understand the challenges facing the regulation of African capital markets.

  • How to understand the evolving role of capital market regulatory bodies?
  • What mechanisms to boost the role of these bodies and strengthen their independence?
  • What analyzes should be made of the reforms undertaken in terms of regulation? What are the guidelines of these reforms?
  • What about the governance of regulatory authorities?


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