Manar™ Contrib / Attrib

PERENITY Software is pleased to announce the release of Manar™ Contrib / Attrib evolution.

Today, portfolio managers feel the need to justify and explain the performance or non-performance of a given portfolio. As a result, they are constantly looking for good practices to analyze this performance and to control its origin.

From Manar™ V6, the Contrib / Attrib module allows you to answer questions of allocations and selections with maximum details integrating any performance contest.
The evolution of this module includes the interest rates instruments with several effects analysis.

Performance attribution consists of explaining the source of a fund’s performance, it can be assessed over a given period and measuring this performance against simple or composite benchmarks:

      • Management of benchmarks
      • Contribution of benchmarks
      • Performance attribution and comparison
      • Contribution / Attribution Analysis
      • Performance attribution
      • Transparency (through the asset pockets module)

Manar™ gives you a clear view of your portfolio performance

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Manar™ meets all your needs.