04 October 2022 @ Palais Brongniart – Paris

Democratising investment, risk or opportunity?

For its 13th edition, AM Tech Day has decided to analyse the consequences of democratising investment, which is itself the result of democratising innovation. Individual and professional investors now enjoy more affordable access to unlisted assets. A second issue is ESG management, which can be tailored to fit managers’ convictions while meeting client expectations. And third, Millennials and other clients show growing interest in cryptos, but do not truly understand all the issues at hand. How will easier access to these assets and management approaches impact financial institutions and their clients?

Supporting democratised investing requires developing new services to offer and expanding the client journey. Are asset management companies and private banks prepared to take up this challenge, even though many still combine archaic processes with innovative solutions within their organisation? Why is the shift towards democratised innovation still so vague? Reporting is one of many examples. We will also see how data processing and management can make firms more competitive.

Finally, we will analyse the developing trend of decentralised finance and NFTs. What potential can the metaverse unlock for finance?

Finally, we will analyse the developing trend of decentralised finance and NFTs. What potential can the metaverse unlock for finance?





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