The detailed features of MANAR™ system are described below:

Front office

  • Order management
  • On line trading
  • Pricing
  • Decision
  • Performance analysis

Risk management
and compliance

  • Limites and compliance
  • Risk Indicators
  • Alerts

Middle office

  • Operations processing
  • Treasury
  • Position Keeping
  • CRM / Distribution
  • Corporate action

Back office

  • Events
  • Clearing / Settlement
  • Reconcilliations
  • Finance and accounting

Core System

  • Repository
  • Processing
  • Connectivity
  • Audit trail
  • Customisation
  • Reporting


Front Office

Order management (OMS / EMS)

  • Orders initiation on multiple profiles: Manager, Trader, ...
  • Multiple order books management (manager, trader, by desk ...)
  • Grouped orders management
  • Pre-assignments of multiple portfolios
  • Automatic collect and / or import of executions
  • Distribution of executions of several portfolios according customizable rules with a complete management of ruptured
  • Real time checks: stock, cash position, ratios, limits,...
  • Automatic operations generation
  • Real-time FIX routing and MMTP connection
  • Real-time SWIFT messaging

Online trading

  • Markets summary: real-time intraday and historical data feeds,...
  • Securities: prices, performance, charts, historical,...
  • Order management and processing
  • Automatic and real time order routing to market
  • Acknowledgments and executions management
  • Global order book management
  • Quick and real-time consultation, modification, cancellation and routing
  • Real time constitution and portfolio valuation
  • Multi- securities analysis and comparison
  • Technical indicators: Moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI, Standard Deviation, Williams R, FFT analysis,...
  • Friendly graphical module having several display modes: curve, candlestick, bar,...
  • Markets alerts by mail or sms: balances and transaction
  • Subscription management
  • Analysis and documentation management


  • Instruments pricing: Interest rates, Repos, Loans, swaps, options, forex, futures,…
  • Flexible management of investment rules
  • Real time connection to market data providers
  • Real time portfolio valuation
  • ...


  • Impact simulation of a transaction
  • Impact simulation of market data: prices, yield curves, ...
  • Storing multiple scenarios of simulated portfolios
  • Comparative analysis of portfolios with benchmarks and / or model portfolios
  • Portfolio rebalancing and order book generation
  • Stress scenarios

Performance Analysis

  • Dynamic definition of analysis groups and sub-portfolios
  • Multi-criteria portfolio performance contribution: asset classes, sectors, maturities,…
  • Benchmark performance contribution: index, composite benchmark, model portfolios,…
  • Performance attribution and multi-periods active- performance explanation
  • Multilevel performance transparency
  • Multi-dimensional performance analysis between two dates
  • Performance indicators calculation: Sharp, tracking error, Down side risk, information ratios, Jensen's Alpha, Max draw down, Beta, Sortino,...

Risk and compliance management

Risk and compliance management engine

  • Mutli-criteria constraints and limits
  • definition: counterparty, issuer, bank, securities, customer constraints, regulatory ratios,...
  • Transversal front to back pre-and post-trade constraints and limits customizing
  • Risk indicators: volatility, sensitivity, duration, convexity, delta, gamma, rho ...
  • Multi-criteria exposure calculation: markets, issuers, currencies ...
  • Multi-criteria aggregation and presentation: by actor, instrument, currency, maturity, manager, ...

Value At Risk

  • Flexible customization: horizon, calculation period, depth historical ...
  • Customizable Var / Covar matrix
  • Several supported methods: parametric, historical and mounted Carlo
  • Instrument, sub-portfolio, portfolio and group portfolio calculation


  • Real-time alerts
  • Informational or blocking messages and possibility of release by authorized profile

Middle office

Operations processing

  • Lifecycle operations management according to multiple profiles
  • Operations on multiple legs and maturities
  • Mirrors operations and commitments management
  • Tickets and confirmations management

Treasury management

  • Real time cash positions
  • Multi-currency cash flow management
  • Cash forecasting and future cash flows
  • Accounts consolidation

Position Keeping

  • Multi-custodians position Keeping
  • Scope of management fully customizable
  • Real-time clearing
  • Multi-asset portfolios valuation
  • Assets Calculation and NAV

CRM, Distribution

  • Customer management, unitholders and distribution networks
  • Commissions and retrocession management
  • Capital transactions according several profiles: sales manager, business manager,…
  • Multi-criteria customer position consultation
  • Customer portfolios valuation using various methods
  • Customer Reporting

Corporate action

  • Notification management: dividends, distributions,...
  • Automatic events generation
  • Automatic corporate action application: dividends, coupons, repayment, exchange, assimilation,…
  • Specific fees and ruptured management

Back office

Event Management

  • Events generation: revaluation, corporate action, schedule,…
  • Operations maturities
  • End of period: revaluation, accrued interest, amortization, smoothing premium / discount,…

Clearing / Settlement

  • Securities and cash management
  • Automatic, manual, total or partial settlement
  • Outstanding management


  • Customizable reconciliation rules and key
  • Managing multiple types of reconciliation: stock, transactions, flows,…
  • Reconciliation canceling supported
  • Standard and specific reconciliation Reporting


  • Multi-standard generation (domestic, IFRS,...)
  • Multiple chart of accounts and accounting schemes managing
  • Automatic opening and closing accounting periods
  • Automation of accounting year-end
  • Export entries to other accounting systems
  • Automatic accounting Reporting generation

Securities accounting

  • Multi-standard generation
  • Multiple chart of accounts and accounting schemes managing
  • Automatic reconciliation with the central depository Interfaces

Core system


  • Portfolios
  • Cash and securities accounts
  • Model portfolios, index and benchmarks
  • Third markets and actors
  • Instruments and securities
  • Market data: prices, yield curves, index, ...
  • Calendars
  • Distribution Networks


  • Multiple criteria fees scales definition
  • Customizable fees rules, percentage, amount, in increments, by portfolio, by securities, ...
  • Automatic fees generation with possibility of change when entering transactions
  • Multilevel specific fees management
  • Intelligent tasks performing
  • Customizable control and execution rules
  • Tasks scheduling


  • Customizable import / export rules
  • Import / export from structured file: xml, csv, txt, ...
  • Connection to open databases
  • Real time, delayed or at the request communication mode
  • Configurable data sources connecting: real-time, delayed or at the request
  • Multiple protocols and information exchange structures: Swift, FIX, MMTP, XML, csv, txt, open databases, ...
  • Central Depository
  • Accounting interfaces

Audit trails

  • Repositories fully audited
  • Multi-sequence management of order books
  • Detailed recording of the operations lifecycle


  • financial instruments, orders and transactions status, valuation, clearing/settlement ,risk, performance, accounting schemes, ...
  • User preferences: languages, customized user environments, themes and colors, ...
  • Managing Users and authorizations
  • Mailing
  • Reporting
  • Powerful generation reporting tool based on CRYSTAL REPORTS
  • High Level Reporting: flexible, ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Standards and regulatory Reporting
  • Custom reporting